Soon is an employee scheduling software that creates dynamic schedules, enhances collaboration, streamlines daily tasks, and provides a real-time view of employee performance. You can easily turn this around and make a great schedule your secret to success. With this tool, you can eliminate business bottlenecks. Organize your employee schedules and make your team more productive.

Quickly and easily manage your team’s schedule with customizable features and adaptable features that support the unique make-up of your team. You can fully customize your events to fit any schedule setup, no matter how simple or complex. Easily create events, edit them when necessary, and always keep track of their status.

Soon Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • Pick people who are best suited to your shift. Always be alert to who is available. You can keep your event compliant and increase happiness by selecting the best people for the job based on their skill sets, availability, conflicts, and contract hours.
  • You can effectively manage your teams’ time off with leave management. Manage your teams’ leave requests with ease by creating leave categories and reviewing and approving all requests.
  • You can create groups for managing, filtering, and targeting convenient compositions of users at once. You can assign roles based on specific skills to schedule faster.
  • Create accurate timesheets for payroll purposes by automatically collecting time and attendance data from events.
  • Manage your team’s shifts, availability, and time off in one mobile-friendly overview.
  • By displaying all required actions, unread comments, and awaiting responses regarding the schedule, inbox accelerates your teams’ coordination.
  • Make your team more intuitive and autonomous by enabling them to handle shift changes. The conversation is at the core of every process, whether it is dropping an open shift, requesting a cancellation, or exchanging shifts.
  • You can manage your team
  • Managing leave is a challenge, and software for tracking it is a lifesaver.
  • People without formal training in this field will easily be able to understand the concept
  • 2 Users
  • Boards with unlimited schedules
  • Scheduling with an infinite range of options
  • Scheduling within an intraday workload
  • Integration of two calendars
  • User Ability and Conflict Detection
  • Creating custom shift activities
  • Leave Management
  • All Features & Future Updates In The Business Plan
  • Stackable plan

Soon Pitchground Price

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