Codelia CMS, lets you visually model your content and deliver it on any platform without writing a line of code faster. Then you may quickly post this material on websites, e-commerce sites, mobile applications, and other platforms. Furthermore, you may manage your content independently of the delivery channels

By fostering cooperation between the marketing and development teams, it reduces labor costs and increases budgetary savings. With its Headless CMS, this tool enables you to quickly model content for websites, e-commerce, mobile apps, and other platforms. It also enables faster project scaling and marketing automation. The tool is comparable toKentico Kontent, Agility CMS, Contentful, and others Intuitive UI and UX, user-friendly platform, and headless CMS tool

Codelia CMS Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • It enables your digital business to produce and deliver digital goods more effectively, more quickly, and more easily.
  • It gives both development and marketing teams more control, increasing their productivity and enabling them to create better digital experiences across a variety of channels.
  • Better content can be created by defining your whole content structure from a strong back-end without the need for coding.
  • Work together with your team to complete more tasks faster while increasing your output and quality of work.
  • You can integrate any tool easily.
  • Scale your project by developing fresh, original features that you can combine, with your content, or other services. Deliver information to several devices at once, develop for any device using your preferred technology stack and framework, and increase productivity.
  • Recommended for Solopreneurs, Freelancers, SMEs, Website Owners, Developers, Marketers, and those that want to scale up their business or clients using Headless CMS.
  • Any template can be integrated. You can either buy your template from your preferred marketplace or make it using your preferred no-code template builder tool.
  • Configuration using a template can be completed in a matter of minutes, you can concentrate on what really important while deploying quickly.
  • Expand your audience globally by organizing your content with translations or by creating unique experiences for whatever language and localization you require.
  • Create inputs to assign to your content and create inputs for your content. Text fields, rich text fields, a phone, an email, a date, an image, and more can all be added.
  • API gives developers additional flexibility and power, enabling them to work with any technological stack.
  • You can quickly and efficiently optimize your digital experiences. Obtain an A rating on well-known programmes like GTmetrix.
  • Deploy on your server at your discretion. Feel free to use servers or service providers that you have confidence in. Manage everything at your discretion.
  • Expand and enhance your shopping experience, deliver and sell your products across a variety of devices from a single workspace, and control content and orders from a single platform.
  • Define your content structure at your own discretion. Create original pages and organise the material using categories, tags, and custom values to create groups with the same structure. Manage the inventory, payment, shipping, and coupon management in addition to taking orders and customers.
  • It offers the planning and content modeling tools required to create content for any platform without involving developers, enabling quick creation and deployment.
  • Without a developer team, you may configure in minutes with a pre-built template by buying it from your preferred marketplace or creating it with your preferred template builder tool. If you don’t have a developer team, don’t panic.
  • Improve your content marketing with social media automation using NO CODE integrations with the sites you use most frequently. From a single platform, publish your content across several mediums.
  • Build more quickly by utilizing your preferred technology stack: You are free to create using any programming language or framework because the API delivers content and data
  • Flexibility and quick development You can develop with your preferred technology stack and enjoy the greatest degree of flexibility thanks to the API
  • Integrate any third-party tools or unique solutions while developing with your preferred technological stack.
  • Begin with your web store and sell via smartphone apps, smartwatch apps, Alexa skills, and anything else
  • Each platform offers a unique journey. You may design a unique content journey for each platform and its versatility.
  • Your marketing can be automated. Without the need for developers, you can create, model, and deliver content. Using integrations, your content will be automatically published across a variety of platforms, including social media and tools.
  • It offers the content modeling and e-commerce technologies necessary to build a shopping experience without the need for another content platform.
  • From a single location, you can manage multiple businesses, build a content structure from scratch, and plan, review, and update content in minutes as opposed to hours.
  • The fast loading speeds are necessary to boost your SEO. To enhance the User Experience and SEO, it is possible to achieve A scores on well-known tools like GTmetrix.

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