Keep track of your clients’ websites and perform tests with an automated system.

Comparium Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • Configure your Comparium account’s Login Profile and you will benefit from capturing screenshots of pages that use form-based login. Test your public-facing pages as well as those that require authorization. (For PRO users)
  • Different screenshots comparison modes to speed up your workflow.
  • It was initially designed as a web tool.
  • Support for different browsers from different platforms
  • Various versions of web browsers are supported

Browser screenshots testing

Automatically create screenshots across multiple browsers and operating systems and compare full-page responsive layouts. Detecting and analyzing visual discrepancies is the most difficult aspect of visual testing. Various screen sizes and screen resolutions can make it much harder to test graphical interfaces, and the test matrix resulting from these factors can take a long time.

Comparium is a one-stop-shop for all visual testing issues as automating visual testing is a vital necessity in the modern testing world.

  • Check multiple pages at once.
  • You don’t have to raise your own device farm.
  • A time-saving process.
  • There is no loss in the quality of testing.
  • Human resources can be saved.

Live browser testing

Ensure the features on your website are functioning properly as the end-user in real-time so as to produce a bug-free service. Interact with web resources via remote infrastructure and check their behavior and layout. You can test your website’s quality and its interaction with users through live testing.

Moreover, our live testing tool gives your site a number of features missing while taking screenshots, thus saving you and your clients time and money. Millions of QA testers and developers use Comparium to analyze software across operating systems, browsers, and resolutions.

  • The testing time should be reduced.
  • Improve the quality assurance routine.
  • Optimizing your testing processes.
  • Bring your test coverage to the next level.
  • Cost-effectiveness.

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