LOVO is a next-generation AI voice-over platform with natural-sounding and text-to-speech for marketing, e-learning, and entertainment. When you are making any visible content all over the world, you need different voice-over options when it comes to accents and languages.

This tool makes it easy to find the perfect voice for all your content with 180+ voice options in 34 languages with full commercial rights at your fingertips. You can use these voice-overs for any work like launching courses or any other video in another country. You can filter through 180+ voices in 34 languages by age, gender, language, scenario, and character.

LOVO Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • It helps you to get an unlimited conversion, sharing for audio files, listening, so you can take the time to get your voice-over just right.
  • You can also share audio with anyone you need to get approval from, like coworkers or teammates.
  • You can send the audio via a shared link, social media, or email and quickly get feedback during the editing process.
  • You can insert pauses in between the sentences, add emphasis to certain words for dramatic effect, and even emphasize certain words for dramatic effect.
  • You can add background music to your finished voice-over files.
  • It has a pronunciation editor like the audio counterpart to the find and replaces the function in MS word.
  • You can also bulk edit the pronunciation of specific words in your audio using the editor by saving your time.
  • Conversion, listening, and sharing are unlimited.
  • The premium package includes all 180+ voice skins, as well as all newly released voice skins.
  • The 34 official languages, as well as the newly released ones
  • Personal usage
  • Add BGM
  • Commercial rights
  • Monetized YouTube

LOVO Appsumo Price

Lovo Price.PNG

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