Volley is a QA solution that allows designers to provide instant visual feedback to ensure their designs are built successfully. This tool helps you to fast track the design review with quick, with visual feedback that gets everyone on the same page.

Volley Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • Ensure your designs to get built right by providing instant feedback on any website.
  • An alternative tool to GoVisually and Ziflow.
  • Easily share and resolve feedback with your team in a highly collaborative online workspace.
  • The best tool for designers, developers, and marketers.
  • Leave notes and feedback.
  • Renders pixel-perfect screenshots.
  • Noted can be delivered to the selected workspace.
  • Create new projects share, edit, and delete.
  • Invite other members to leave feedback and comments on your projects.
  • Collaborate on your projects with others.
  • Instantly add projects to their dashboard.
  • Create teams and projects.
  • Share team projects with external guest users.
  • Browse notes within the workspace.
  • You can also reply to notes using @mentions.
  • All feedbacks are stored in clickable notes.
  •  Easily stack upto 5 codes.
  • View and resolve feedback fast.
  • You can send feedbacks with your favorite tools.
  • Manage all your projects in one place.
  • Developer friendly.
  • Works on any site.
  • 24*7 support.
  • Unlimited comments. 
  • Unlimited workspaces. 
  • Unlimited notes. 
  • User mentions & notifications. 
  • Export to Trello and Jira.

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