BHuman is a video platform powered by AI that allows you to create thousands of personalised videos that look and feel real. Creating personalised videos on a large scale has never been easier. This tool can create personalised videos by cloning your face and voice.

It’s simple to get started: simply record yourself reading a script with brief pauses around the words you want personalised, such as the recipient’s name, industry, or product. You can also add more data for each personalised variable by uploading your own spreadsheet or using Zapier to pull data from your CRM.

BHuman Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • When you enter the details for a new lead, you’ll be able to generate a personalised video automatically
  • You can save the video links and incorporate them into your personalised cold outreach. Alternatively, you can send them to your list via email or SMS from the platform.
  • With personalised product demos, this tool makes it simple to re-engage stale leads and activate new ones
  • Connect this platform to your favourite apps using Zapier to automate your workflow and send personalised videos to abandoned carts
  • You’ll also be able to create actor profiles for each member of your team, ensuring that your marketing strategy isn’t limited to a single face and voice.
  • AI personalization is advanced enough to handle differences in features such as facial hair, skin colour, and many others.
  • It can create over 1,000 personalised videos in less than an hour, allowing you to create as many personalised videos as you require quickly
  • You’ll also be able to use personalised videos for traditional sales, such as thank-you videos for donations, webinar invitations, and birthday wishes for customers.
  • Storage is unrestricted
  • Vimeo storage and access are both unlimited.
  • Create personalised AI videos that appear to be real
  • Integration of Zapier and Shopify
  • Make use of celebrity templates
  • In social feed, you can chat with other users in your industry
  • Complete access to the template store, which contains pre-made template videos
  • Hundreds of tutorials are available
  • Pre-built flows for plug-and-play integrations are available
  • With the click of a button, you can generate first name recordings
  • Directly send videos to customers via email and SMS using the platform.

BHuman Appsumo Price

BHuman Price

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