Managing your security is one of the major use for any individual. In the same way, protecting data is much more important, and Keeper Password Manager helps you to secure your passwords in a vault. It also creates and secures automated logins. It securely stores all your passwords and logs in a single click. Share access with your friends, family, team, etc. securely.

Remembering your passwords all the time is the most challenging thing to do for an individual. The main reason to create Password manager is to use different, strong passwords for every website and app you use,you don’t have to remember for yourself. Secure your data w/ all two-factor methods including TOTP, SMS, Fingerprint (e.g. Touch ID), Face ID and U2F security keys

Keeper Password Manager Features Overview:

  • Helps you to generate the strongest password with just one click.
  • Helps you to share passwords with your team members.
  • It works on platforms like Desktop and mobile.
  • Unlimited accessibility with cloud storage.
  • Capture all your passwords while browsing.
  • Accessible on Windows, Mac, iOS, Andriod.
  • Single click Logins.
  • Form filling and payments.
  • Keeper fill for app passwords.
  • Secure sharing.
  • Emergency Access.
  • Keep your passwords in sync.
  • Provides Hassle-free setup.
  • Faster Logins.
  • Password generator.
  • Improve your passwords.
  • Two-factor authentication.
  • Password Capture and replay.
  • 24*7 Access.
  • Updates included.
  • Length of Access 1 year.

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