Offcloud lets you access file-hosting and streaming websites, securely download from BitTorrent, access and fetch from Usenet/newsgroups, backup any YouTube video, convert Soundcloud entries to MP3 files, remotely sync your files with the cloud, unlock all types of restrictions, speed up downloads and save bandwidth, remain completely anonymous & secure, convert the entire web to PDF, and save online articles like Po

You can automatically upload or sync anything to Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon Cloud Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive thanks to interface with Zapier. NAS (Network Attached Storage), FTP (File Transfer Protocol), and WebDAV are further sync options (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning).

Offcloud lifetime deal features overview:

  • Open up file-hosting and streaming services
  • Secure BitTorrent Access downloads and newsgroup/Usenet fetches
  • Remove all limitations from Uploaded
  • Downloads from Rapidgator are limitless.
  • Any YouTube video you want to save
  • Transform Soundcloud posts into MP3 files
  • Sync your files with the cloud remotely
  • Remove all limitations of any kind.
  • Boost download speeds and conserve bandwidth
  • Stay fully safe and anonymous.
  • Web site conversion to PDF
  • Save internet content using Pocket
  • Take use of premium API.
  • Any file to Google Drive for upload or syncing
  • Sync or upload anything to Dropbox
  • Anything to Amazon Cloud and upload or sync
  • Any file to Microsoft OneDrive for upload or syncing
  • Sync or upload anything to
  • Any data to NAS, FTP, and WebDAV
  • Automate zapier
  • Utilize IFTTT to automate
  • Automatic export or backup of RSS


  • ericju


    It was always promoted that the lifetime membership has a monthly premium usage limit of 30GBs. We reserve a right to change what is included into premium usage, that’s logical as we permanently work on development of our service so we add or remove features sometimes. However downloading from Usenet and BitTorrents was always included into premium usage, and it was displayed on the corresponding counter on our website.

    The lifetime membership is mainly intended for users who use the service occasionally, and don’t download much. If you’re going to download a lot, we would ask you to switch into our monthly / yearly packages. Thank you for comprehension


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