Gifzign is a tool to used From Cinemagraph to beautiful players, the only all-in-one GIF software on the market.

It is an all-In-One Animation Platform which Creates Stunning GIFs, Cinemagraphs, and Mockups In 3 Simple Steps.

Animated GIFs are highly underrated, but it’s a highly effective way of boosting your marketing results.

Gifzign is an animated gif & cinemograph creation combination software. With this application, you can turn your video on Youtube, Vimeo or your computer to a GIF in a few seconds or record it from your screen or camera.

  • Use the built in GIF feature and simply upload any video or paste it from Youtube or Vimeo and hit the button BEAM ME. You can edit the GIF instantly within seconds.
  • Simply record your screen without limits in Gifzign!
  • You can edit your GIF by setting up the start and end time, and can also add layers on the top, can upload various effects and watermarks also.
  • You can easily create cinematographs with this tool for your marketing campaign. Just select your still image and brush off the area you want to keep moving.
  • Gifzign comes loaded with exclusive, negative effects, mirroring feature colour filters & more done-for-you effects which allows you to stand out on social media.
  • Choose from 10 different player skins by uploading GIF to Gifzign dashboard. More customisations options will be added as the update comes.
  • Set it to autoplay (or not)
  • Automatically play GIF when loaded on your site.
  • Choose the trigger behaviours
  • Publish the GIF on your site
  • Once you have completed the GIF setup, copy the embed code to your website & make your GIFs stand out.
  • Lifetime Access to Gifzign
  • All-in-One Animated GIF Software Platform
  • Create animated GIFs
  • Convert videos to GIFs
  • 200+ Mockups
  • Editor: Add text, images and effects
  • Create cutting edge cinemograph GIFs
  • GIF screen recorder
  • Embed your GIFs in beautiful players
  • Add stunning mockups in your GIFs
  • Desktop app for Windows and Mac
  • All future updates and improvements included
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee


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