Voxcode AI is the one-and-only answer for all of your online conversation automation needs! Say goodbye to the tedious and time-consuming task of managing customer interactions on various chat platforms. With this tool, you can now create your chatbot without any prior coding experience.

The enables you to automate ANY online interaction, relieving stress from your inbox and saving you crucial time.

Voxcode AI Lifetime Deal Features Overview

  • It allows you to automate all of your online chat apps with a single tool. No more juggling between platforms; our AI-powered chatbot can handle it all with ease.
  • It only takes less than 5 minutes to develop your personalized chatbot utilizing our unique no-code platform.
  • You can easily construct a chatbot that can handle any form of contact with the help of the no-code solution.
  • Your digital assistant will provide a personalized experience for each user, transforming every conversation into a bond.
  • Install the user-friendly Chrome extension to quickly connect your chatbot to the online chat platform of your choice.
  • It is intended to simplify your operations; no technical knowledge is necessary. To achieve total online conversation automation, you simply need one tool.
  • The extension allows you to assign a bot for a chat platform, when automation is enabled for that website, the extension will open a tab in the background (it will not interfere with what you are doing) and sync new messages, when it sees new messages it replies to them, you can configure how often the extension checks for new messages and you can disable automation for some conversations (so that the bot doesn’t automatically reply to your friends).
  • With the tool, your chatbot becomes as knowledgeable as your staff. Upload papers and links to provide it with all it requires to provide clear, informed responses to your consumers.
  • When modifying a chatbot’s configuration to improve its performance, it’s critical to ensure that the existing functionalities are preserved after the update. It AI simplifies this process with ‘eval sets,’ a feature designed to automatically measure your chatbot’s effectiveness
  • It is the only platform that allows you to integrate your chatbots with ANY internet conversation
  • The bots you build with the tool may recall significant points from the chat and modify their style/strategy to that person  Most lead generation/sales tasks are impossible to complete without providing the bot with structured memory, which we refer to as a feature. tag context
  • It offers a complete set of tools to evaluate the quality of your chatbot – both by manual and automatic evaluation for test sets that you generate.

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