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    FullSession is a cutting-edge visitor monitoring tool that lets you see how your consumers engage with your website, evaluate key data, and create meaningful customer experiences. You can begin directly or via Google Tag Manager by adding the Full Session snippet to your website header and verifying your website. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

    To view the activities of your website visitors as numerous groups, you create Segments using complex criteria like Email Id, Browser, OS, IP address, Clicked Text (coming soon), Referral URL, and so on. You may view any of the Session replays from the Sessions list on your Segment dashboard, including the average time-on-page, total time on pages, clicks, moves, and scrolling.

    A typical Full Session user spends $470 per year for the Basic plan, which includes 3,000 monthly sessions. For just $39, you get the same package with 10,000 monthly sessions and 2 Team Members for the rest of your life (one-time payment)

    Fullsession Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

    • You may simply bypass idleness and traverse the chronology of sessions (of both online and previously visited users) to spot pain points, problems, and issues.
    • You can understand user interaction and check KPIs like percent of sessions on mobile devices, average page load speed, and more from the Insights tab. Negative data such as dead clicks, error clicks, and top rage click pages are also included.
    • View interactive heat maps for a certain time period to see how many clicks, visits, scrolls, and other actions took place across several devices (mobile, desktop, and tablet).
    • You may use real-time heat maps to track the performance of each page on your website, evaluate the UX complexity, and identify the parts that draw users’ attention.
    • Create feedback widgets to receive input in real-time. You can change the appearance, position on the page, reaction style (emojis), and questions/information you want to ask your users pretty much anything
    • Choose which devices and pages you want to collect feedback from, and whether or not responses should be sent to an email address.
    • By clicking on a specific widget, you may view the replies from your customers (for each page and by custom user groups) and listen to the session recordings of those who provide low feedback (NPS) scores.
    • Behavioral analytics can help you improve your customer experience.
    • FullStory Session Recording, Interactive Heatmaps, and Customer Feedback are alternatives.
    • Web designers, marketers, UI/UX designers, and product managers are the best candidates.
    • Session Capture
    • Replays of Sessions
    • User Administration
    • Customer feedback is unlimited, and there are no limits to the number of segments you can create.
    • User Identification Rage Clicks & Error Clicks Insights Engagement Scoring (Advanced User Analytics)
    • Integration with Shopify
    • Choose from four different tiers.

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