Robofy customer support becomes an ongoing and seamless experience with the help of Robofy’s AI chatbot, assuring satisfaction for your users anytime they reach out. It has a fantastic crawler that automatically grabs your content and offers you with a lovely chat widget.

There is no need to start from scratch. Simply confirm your URLs or WordPress Blog Posts, Pages, and Product information to create a chatbot in minutes.

Robofy Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • With our advanced customizations, you can ensure that your AI chatbot is the most visually appealing widget on your website.
  • It should be updated to reflect the aesthetics of your website and to correspond with the colours of your brand.
  • Simplify client interactions by pre-programming fast questions that allow your chatbot to quickly respond to frequently asked questions.
  • The chatbot serves as your first line of defence, responding to consumer inquiries in real time.
  • Allow your visitors to send you an email so that you can contact them later.
  • Get customer phone numbers by requesting them to contact you over WhatsApp.
  • Allow your visitors to leave their phone number so that you can call them back.
  • Connect to your Facebook account so that potential customers can contact you more easily.
  • Allow the user to schedule a demo or meeting using Calendly or Google Meet.
  • Check out reselling strategy to explore new opportunities. The floor is yours, whether you’re pitching to corporations or presenting it on your own storefront.
  • You can resell AI chatbots with your own branding and business identity. Everything revolves around you.
  • Even for our white-label programs, we handle the hosting. You? Just focus on those sales.
  • Our dedicated team is always by to handle any customer service difficulties you may have.
  • Maintain control of your pricing approach. There are no restrictions
  • If you run a WooCommerce-powered digital store, it can walk clients through the full purchasing process, from product discovery to completion, and even make tailored product recommendations along the way
  • It excels at managing registrations, sharing event data, and responding to guest inquiries, all of which improve the entire event experience.
  • It is more than just a chatbot; it’s a valuable resource that can collect vital contact information and deliver intelligent product information, converting curious visitors into potential leads.
  • It is your go-to solution for staying up to date with real-time product information, including pricing, allowing you to optimize inventory management and boost sales performance.
robofy appsumo price
robofy appsumo price
robofy regular pricing
robofy regular pricing

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