CustomerVox Marketing Automation Platform enhances your Shopify Store(s) customer engagement through Personalized Landing Pages, Pop-ups, SMS, and Email Marketing. Through its dashboard, it shows you metrics such as the Average Order Value (AOV), Customer lifetime value (CLV), etc., through its dashboard.

The analytics data in customer analytics allow you to send customized campaigns based on the total number of visitors to your store, your active customers, your at-risk customers, and lost users. Your customers may have an affinity for specific products in your store. It helps create campaigns based on clusters for most and least engaged products.

Customervox Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • It works in a similar way to create customized campaigns.
  • It is built with a drag-and-drop feature for multichannel campaigns so targeted campaigns can be structured and customized precisely.
  • Include products of interest to your customers and add a call-to-action at the bottom with just a drag and drop.
  • You can create customized triggers to convert your customers through multiple channels with text, email, pop-ups, etc., providing additional data about their actions.
  • You can categorize your storefront based on interactions with customers. The best way to engage them is to point out what they were most interested in or what they viewed last.
  • You can increase sales through these touchpoints as well as get more information about customer interests and preferences.
  • You can also add templates of your choice or create your custom templates to make them your own.
  • Track the success of your campaigns in the contact section by selecting a customer address. You can view detailed information about each engagement metric.
  • You can purchase CustomerVox for $49 once and get all the features. It allows you to know your customers better and maximize your revenue.
  • Automation of one-to-one marketing campaigns for eCommerce
  • Data Management for Customers
  • Analytics for e-commerce
  • All templates and integrations are included
  • Drag and Drop Builder, Pop-Ups, Landing Pages
  • Automating and personalizing
  • Broadcasts without limitations
  • Users are unlimited
  • Insights into customer personas, details, and lifecycles
  • Online chat and email support

Customerox Saasmantra price

customervox price

customervox price

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