Xpeacho is a strong text-to-speech application that lets users create human-sounding voiceovers with a few clicks. Create videos, podcasts, e-learning courses, and professional voiceovers for your project without breaking the wallet. After signing up, simply paste the written content and convert it to audio. Choose the appropriate voice and download or share the audio file across several platforms.

You can transform written information into lifelike voiceovers to personalize it and increase engagement and accessibility. Create a wide range of content types, including videos, podcasts, e-learning courses, presentations, and audiobooks.

Xpeacho Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Improve your language skills by converting written assignments, reading materials, and vocabulary drills into engaging audio courses.
  • Listen to texts in several languages and dialects to improve your listening comprehension and pronunciation skills
  • Customize it to meet your language learning needs, and go at your own pace
  • It can help you complement your language-learning journey
  • You can create stunning audio advertising, promotional films, and voice-overs based on your social network material.
  • Communicate with your target audience in a genuine voice that matches their local dialect
  • Increase engagement and deliver your brand narrative precisely. Create effective marketing pieces that speak to your target demographic
  • Instantly generate crystal-clear audio versions of your emails, articles, reports, and other text-based documents, making them more accessible to people with disabilities
  • Enhance the user experience by providing an immersive listening experience for the audience
  • Convert your text-based content to dynamic audio.
Xpeacho saasmantra price
Xpeacho saasmantra price
Xpeacho regular pricing
Xpeacho regular pricing

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