Team-GPT enables you to generate content faster than ever before by sharing your team’s chats and prompts. It is the most potent ChatGPT collaboration tool that enables real-time collaboration, AI training, and team ChatGPT mastery. This tool allows you to create an ever-expanding knowledge base for your team and organization. For simple organization, simply create folders and drag-and-drop conversations by project or team.

Team-GPT Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Allow your team to easily revisit productive conversations or join ongoing ones.
  • Reduce the number of hours spent determining the optimal ChatGPT prompt.
  • Utilize the prompt templates in this tool to reach your answers immediately.
  • Feed the most relevant context to AI (ChatGPT) with a single click, then initiate conversations.
  • Simply construct variables-based prompts and receive responses tailored to your specifications.
  • Within minutes, you can begin generating cold emails for thousands of prospects. Retract those words. You are not required to do that. Your team could assist you with that.
  • It enables you to delete messages to take a step back and formulate better queries, allowing you to direct ChatGPT in the manner you’ve always desired.
  • That is something you could never do with ChatGPT’s free version or even the $20/month paid version.
  • The real-time splintering of the same conversations enables them to continue in various directions.
  • Produce extremely accurate AI responses by improvising prompts and acquiring knowledge in real-time as a team.
  • Without specialized training programs, ChatGPT can help your team accomplish more.
Team-GPT Saasmantra Price
Team-GPT Saasmantra Price
Team-GPT Regular Price .jpg
Team-GPT Regular Price .jpg


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