P2P CDN Solution Using WebRTC to Optimize Video Streaming latency and Reduce Bandwidth Expense. PeerVadoo is an SDK that integrates into P2P networks to reduce rebuffering from your clients. It supports all the major players, including HLS.js, Shaka Player, JWPlayer, DPlayer, Plyr, FluidPlayer, Clappr, Flowplayer, MediaElement, and Video.js. PeerVadoo uses WebRTC to distribute the load across users to reduce the server’s workload and improve scalability.

PeerVadoo Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • P2P CDN for Video streaming – PeerVadoo delivers high-quality HD video streams at low bandwidth costs using its scalable video. a solution powered by WebRTC.
  • WebRTC First – PeerVadoo SDK lets you build live and VOD apps & websites with WRTC technologies.
  • Scalable to infinity.
  • A robust architecture.
  • Install QuickSetup.
  • In addition to this, PeerVadoo also helps.
  • Reduce CDN Costs – Reduce CDN costs up to 50% in VOD & 90% in live streaming.
  • Supports HLS & Dash formats and is hyper-compatible across all video players.
  • High-Resolution Videos – Decongest your network by delivering high-resolution videos.
  • Video Delivery to Poor Coverage Areas.
  • A secure network is one that encrypts all packets interconnecting each other.
  • Install in 30 minutes – Connect with your video platforms.
  • Insights into Bandwidth consumption and Quality of Service (QoS) from market-leading analytics.
  • The HLS protocol (m3u8) is supported for live and VOD streams.
  • HLS encrypted stream support.
  • Cache the TS file to avoid repeating the download.
  • Integrates very easily with JavaScript players.
  • One MB or less SDK size.
  • P2P streaming can be improved by efficient scheduling policies.
  • 30TB for P2P CDN bandwidth per month.
  • Supports Live and VOD streams.
  • Support encrypted streams.
  • 99.9% uptime SLA.
  • Javascript & Android Integration.
  • Usage & Monitoring Dashboard.
  • All Features Included.
  • You can stackable up to 5 Codes.

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