Advertise on the precise videos your clients watch!
YouTube is your number #1 platform for video consumption for consumers and the number #1 platform for entrepreneurs to reach out to the relevant users through video advertisements. But targeting the correct audience, at the right time by means of a relevant ad-supported movie is quite tricky.

Advertising your product could be simple but targeting the appropriate audience on the right video isn’t. You end up spending more money on advertising because you’re targeting wrong people via incorrect videos that make the lead generation and sales expansion become poor and slow. As a marketer you know how important finding the ideal video to target the ideal audience is. This tool allows you do precisely that.

PitchGround gifts BITEPLAY – A tool that lets you create highly targeted YouTube advertisement campaigns to market on the specific videos your clients watch and improve your ROI by reaching the appropriate people with your own ads!

  • Product Video Tutorials
  • Product information
  • Reviews
  • Plan Information and Pricing

So, what exactly does Biteplay offer?

Do not let your ad appear in random videos. Get targeted monetized videos your audience is watching to place your ads in front of them. Discover contextual placements based on what your audience is looking for such as applicable key phrases, Channels, ad-supported videos and themes.

Get Relevant Keywords – Locate the most searched keywords on YouTube or Google. Filter and Target your audience based on the most searched keywords by Volume and prevent the negative keywords. Biteplay also lets you export the CSV data.

Via Keyword and Channel classes, you may also pick an option if you wish to learn just about the monetized movies or even non-monetized videos.

Analyze – Video intelligence investigation.

Use precise, up-to-date data to construct your effort and triple your earnings. Find viral videos before everybody knows it. Monitor and compare the best movies and pinpoint exactly what resonates best to your targeted audiences.

Search for Influencers​ – Find trending movies and the top influencers in your specialty and start to create a business. Biteplay provides you strong fIlters and allows to scrap their movies. Explore more topics and keep track of the influencers with the supply of in-depth analytics.

Create Tags – Use related tags for your own videos to reach out to a larger audience with the possibility to export.

Export the movie links – as soon as you locate the applicable ad-supported videos to conduct your movie campaigns, export the links and just add them to your Google Ads.

Measure – Produce your effort with the 1st party monitoring solution. The moment you run your successful YouTube advertisements, you will have the ability to kill off non-converting campaigns that are costing you money.

Don’t have produced videos for advertisements? Inside Biteplay, you are able to get their video manufacturer partner which permits you to create your very own professional movies and access to countless footages and templates. Also, Biteplay will supply you all of the script templates and frameworks within its free training program.

However, what is a totally free training program?

Just to PitchGrounders, Biteplay is also giving out FREE training class if you don’t would like to spend $499 on Youtube advertisements crash course to find out more about ads. Well, this alone will get back your investment.

Proceed through the energy features below –

  • Advertisement Placement Search – Unbeatable search modes
  • Influencer Search – Find the best creators on your niche
  • Viral Prediction – Discover the best trends
  • Power Tracking – Video Analytics from any movie
  • Smart Lists – Save your target audience
  • Keyword Search – Most profitable keyword
  • Bulk Requests – Quicker work, quicker results
  • +40 Spots – Searches for specific areas
  • Team – Add team members to your account
  • Export Data – Export .XLS reports of any data
  • Beautiful Dashboard – sterile and easy-to-use interface
  • Academy – Learn Youtube Ads from zero to PRO
  • Brand Security – Brand suitability controls with Combination Machine and Human verification
  • Customized Experiences – Display up with the right message and tap into the most relevant content
  • Laser Goal – Speaking to the interests of your audiences at the moments they are most participated
  • Power Tracking – Video Analytics from any movie (Coming soon)
  • Auto Import – Keep up with new video content (Coming soon)
  • Conversion Tracking – Know every major metric (Coming soon)
  • “Nice solution, I’ve been really looking for something which makes what it asserts for a little while, and was amazed I could not find. Wonderful.”

“Characteristics are amazing, very simple to use its intuitive, so for a newbie like me is quite convenient. I will eventually stop wasting money and begin to use YT Ads correctly.”

Plan Information and Pricing with 7 Days Early Bird Bonus –
1) $59 Strategy (Stackable) –

  • 7 Days Early Bird Bonus – Free $100 Google Ads Credit and $499 YT Course
  • 500 Searches Per Month (Monetized Videos)
  • 150 Outcomes (Per Search)
  • 5 Bulk Searches (Simultaneous)
  • Unlimited Keywords Research
  • Rank Checker
  • Tag Creator
  • Locate Influencers
  • Viral Videos Search
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Top Trending Search
  • Every Stacking Code adds= +500 Searches (MV) and +5 Bulk Searches (Simultaneous)
  • 60 Days Refund Policy
  • 7 Days Early Bird Bonus – Free $100 Google Ads Credit and $499 YT Course
  • 3000 Searches Per Month (Monetized Videos)
  • 300 Outcomes (Per Search)
  • 30 Bulk Searches (Simultaneous)
  • Email Alerts
  • Priority Support
  • 5 Sub-Accounts (Members)
  • Agency Sub-Account Characteristics: 300 Searches (MV) + 150 Outcomes (Per Search) + 5 Bulk Searches (Simultaneous)
  • Rest attributes are same as $59 Strategy
  • Every Stacking Code adds to the Agency Main Account= +3000 Searches (MV), +5 Bulk Searches (Simultaneous), and +5 Sub Accounts
  • 60 Days Refund Policy

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