Webtrend Optimize is a test and alter site platform that delivers tailored content to users and new site elements. Optimize your user experience by testing, targeting, and implementing new site content smoothly Easily change on-page content and test it against previous iterations to optimize performance.

Webtrends Optimize Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • VWO, AB Tasty, and Monetate are alternatives.
  • Add exit intent messages, greeting/hello bars, and social proofing to encourage visitors to engage and take action
  • The best for: Web designers and marketers who want their website to be the most effective iteration possible.
  • Webtrends Optimize is an easy way to alter page content.
  • Try different designs for images, text, buttons, and more to find the one that does the most work.
  • The pages can even be altered based on customer information like whether they are returning customers or not.
  • Additionally, you can segment customers based on previous pages they’ve visited or items they’ve purchased.
  • This tool  gives users an enjoyable experience that boosts your bottom line.
  • Defining your audience segments quickly allows you to make content that meets their specific needs.
  • Webtrends Optimize allows you to add eye-catching messages that keep visitors interested.
  • Adding greeting/hello bars or exit intent and urgency messages to keep them focused. (The internet is a distracting place full of meme traps.)
  • From here, you can optimize buying funnels, improve form completion, and even prevent your competitors from copying and pasting product descriptions, causing your customers to go to your competitors.
  • Social proof proves to potential buyers that your products are extremely popular, while product recommendations trigger that little voice in their head saying, “Treat yourself!”
  • Add functionality such as greeting bars, social proof, and product recommendations from the top menu!
  • Webtrends Optimize doesn’t make you immediately change your website, either
  • You’ll see an overlay of your new content on the page with a what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) editor that requires no coding experience
  • Before you make permanent changes, it lets you run A/B tests and target certain content to different groups to make the biggest impact
  • For those who do have more technical knowledge, you can perform complex experiments through the advanced editor to really dig into the numbers
  • Edit and alter on-page content and see exactly how it’ll display in real-time.
  • All that testing information is neatly arranged for you in the analytics, letting you monitor each change to the site to find ones that are most effective
  • Your perfect change combination will even have peanut butter and jelly watching their backs. (“I don’t know, Jelly, that Welcome Banner and First Purchase Coupon go great together.”)
  • Track all of your changes to see which ones are active, which are still being staged, and which have been archived for later assessment.
  • Webtrends Optimize will make the “numbers” people happy, for sure.
  • Monitor all of your changes to find the most effective combinations and get the results you want!
  • Stack up to 5 codes.
  • A/B & A/Bn testing.
  • MVT – full factorial.
  • MVT – fractional factorial.
  • Personalization / target.
  • Product recommendation engine.
  • Social proof messaging.
  • Multi-page testing.
  • Dynamic pages/SPA support.
  • Mutual exclusions.
  • Proxy-less visual editor.
  • Preview mode.
  • Unrestricted platform access.
  • JS-conditional activation.
  • Split testing (URL).
  • Data-driven merchandising.
  • Simple implementation.
  • 5 sites.
  • 300,000 total events per year.
  • Unlimited experimentation.

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