Much like Dave & Buster’s, it’s more fun to go to the platform with friends rather than by yourself. Creating a collaborative community where users are able to interact with one another will boost your brand more than any other method of building your online presence. It’s possible to add group chats, direct messages, video conferencing, screen sharing, whiteboards, and more to your website. Using text-based chat, audio features, and video calls, AtomChat enables website users to communicate with one another.

AtomChat’s group chat and collaboration features make community members feel closer than peanut butter and jelly. It offers everything from private one-on-one conversations and password-protected groups to all-access public channels and group video calls. You can also customize the chat interface by turning on and off certain features in the admin panel. A fun, engaging community can be built by allowing users to share files, photos, emojis, and more. Your community will be buzzing with the ability to share files, images, stickers, and emojis.

AtomChat Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • It works on all major browsers and you can integrate it with 30+ software programs, including WordPress and Shopify.
  • Thanks to its impressive and scalable backend, the platform can handle any size community without putting a strain on your servers.
  • The ability to embed a simple and intuitive interface directly into your site will also boost retention through easy user navigation.
  •  Group video calls and conferences allow users from around the world to connect
  • It can accommodate any community structure, whether paid, free, or hybrid
  • You can easily add role-based access control to manage permissions based on user subtypes
  • Administrators can control which categories of users have access to certain features, such as paid premium members, or initiate conversations.
  • With the easy-to-use dashboard, you can choose specific chat features based on the role of a particular user
  • It can be more difficult to get users to sign up for a platform more than once than getting the last Pringles from the bottom of the can
  • This tool integrates with existing marketplaces, social networks, and communities for single authentication, which simplifies sign-up and login
  • As it integrates with existing credentials mechanisms, new users can benefit from automated usernames, avatars, and profile links.
  • It offers a range of configurable settings, including backend admin and security.
  • If your goal is to leverage your user base, a single-package chat platform plugin that encourages conversations is essential.
  • No codes and no stacking allowed with this deal.
  • Get in-depth website analytics.
  • Zapier Integration.

AtomChat Appsumo Price

AtomChat Price

AtomChat Price

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