Voxpopme collects actual customer feedback through video polls and automatically catalogs the results in a searchable library. With the help of video surveys, you can interact with customers and gather insightful responses to the most crucial issues facing your company.

Choose from a collection of pre-made survey templates that are intended to gather thorough, self-recorded replies at the convenience of everyone. To target particular questions and objectives, such as testing ideas, enhancing journey maps, and gathering testimonials, you can even design your own surveys.

Voxpopme Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • It enables you to create a searchable library of every recorded consumer survey, ensuring that no clip is overlooked.
  • You can import recorded focus group discussions or interviews and incorporate them into any content you create using this tool
  • It’s as simple as integrating with Zoom or directly uploading files. In either case, you’ll be able to control every video conversation from a single location.
  • It can also analyze all of your video answers and assist you in quickly determining who your customers are
  • Transcribing, analyzing, and categorizing responses automatically will allow you to concentrate on gathering more insightful input
  • Even without spending hours watching each video, you’ll be able to spot important trends, patterns, and recurring themes
  • You can create highlight reels from video responses, showcasing your consumers and letting them speak for themselves
  • Simply divide clips into important moments using the simple editing tools, and then add slides, subtitles, and music
  • From there, you can put reels on a password-protected home page, embed them on your website, or share them online.
  • Every plan has these features
  • Automated video analysis and transcription
  • Create custom video surve
  • Interactive data displays and an insights dashboard
  • Prepared list
  • Analogies and tag
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Automatic labeling of theme
  • Create unique showreel
  • Integration of zoo
  • 1-minute replies in vide
  • 3 video quizzes for each survey

Voxpopme Appsumo Price

Voxpopme Price

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