Fusioo is a full-featured workspace that lets you create a bespoke online database to keep track of everything critical to your company in one location. You may completely modify Fusioo by creating Apps, which are similar to spreadsheet sheets but much better.

Create custom apps to track and manage projects, sales leads, clients, and whatever else your company needs. You’ll also be able to create custom Fields, which are akin to columns in a spreadsheet, to personalize Apps to hold your data.

Fusioo Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • You can view data in list, badge, Kanban, and calendar formats, as well as through custom widgets like sorted lists and various charts, once you’ve customized your workspace.
  • Workflows allow you to set it and forget it by automating manual operations in an if-then-that manner
  • You can send emails, in-app notifications, or webhooks to third-party applications when a new record is created or edited, or when a specified date is reached
  • Clients can be invited to your workspace, where they can collaborate, examine records, submit files, and conduct manual workflows such as approval procedures.
  • Workflows also allow you to communicate data from this tool to any other application using the webhooks action, allowing you to easily integrate it into your ecosystem.
  • You can use the Report Builder to generate bespoke reports from scratch or to start with one of the many pre-built templates
  • To combine data and streamline company processes, quickly create reports such as invoices, estimates, proposals, application forms, and different status reports
  • You simply need to create the report once, and then you can print a new PDF version with alternative data sets
  • You’ll also be able to send emails with full-fledged reports attached as PDF files using processes.
  • Control which roles can create, change, delete, print, import, and export data with powerful access permissions
  • You may also choose which dashboards, reports, and manually triggered processes are visible to any position as an administrator, ensuring that your data is both private and secure.
  • You’ll also be able to onboard and offboard team members by assigning them to new responsibilities in your workspace.
  • With sophisticated custom reporting, automated workflows, and exact security permissions, you can create your own workspace
  • Airtable is an alternative
  • With discussions, remarks, and shared files, collaborate with clients in one place
  • Best for: Agencies, marketers, and small businesses who require a highly customized workplace to store all of their critical data.
  • Customization, dashboards, and widgets are all available.
  • Collaboration
  • Workflows that are automated
  • Reporting
  • Records that are linked together
  • Calendar and several views
  • Exporting and permissions depending on roles
  • Each app has 50 fields.
  • Incorporations (Zapier, APIs, and webhooks)
  • Users with read-only access are unlimited.
  • Authentication using two factors

Fusioo Price

Fusioo Appsumo Price

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