Voicetapp is a powerful AI speech-to-text transcriber that converts any voice or audio to text with an accuracy of up to 99% in three straightforward steps. This tool uses a technique of deep learning known as automated speech recognition (ASR).

Voicetapp is the ideal application for generating accurate transcripts from audio and video files. Using cutting-edge speech recognition technology provides this tool transcriptions of the highest quality. It supports over 170 languages and dialects and can identify up to five speakers for more accurate transcription. It can also convert speech to text in real time, allowing you to transcribe any audio or video swiftly and accurately.

Voicetapp Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • It enables you to rapidly transcribe your favorite podcasts, take notes during lectures, generate text from audio and video files, and print copies of speeches and conferences.
  • It can also generate subtitles for both audio and video files.
  • With a highly accurate speech-to-text system, Voicetapp converts your audio and video files into well-written text swiftly and accurately.
  • It can assist you in capturing and organising all of your audio and video content.
  • It offers an additional 12 input formats and resolutions, including MP3, OGG, WAV, WEBM, MP4, and FLAC.
  • It provides the most accurate and trustworthy transcription services available.
  • With the latest speech recognition technology, Voicetapp provides up to 99% accuracy in just three simple steps.
  • It supports over 170 languages and dialects, 12 input formats and sizes, and can identify up to five speakers in real-time audio
  • The tool has a live transcription feature that can effectively convert speech to text in real-time
  • It is the optimal application for anyone who needs to accurately transcribe audio or video files into text rapidly
  • It is designed with the most recent ASR technology, powered by Google and Amazon, to accurately convert any spoken words into text with a high rate of accuracy
  • It provides the most exhaustive language coverage of any voice-to-text service, with 170+ international languages for recorded audios and 12 languages for real-time transcription
  • The tool is hosted in the cloud, so no app installation is necessary
  • The quick and simple sharing feature allows you to upload MP3, OOG, MP4, or WAV files
  • It is the ideal tool for transforming the way you work due to its limitless use cases and clear user interface.
  • It can also readily detect and identify punctuation.
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voicetapp regular price
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voicetapp dealify price

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