Subscribers include a number of deep integrations (WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, Thinkific, and others) that allow you to send notifications to consumers based on their browsing and purchasing history.

  • Set your notifications on auto-pilot: You don’t have time to waste between 9 and 5. You’ll find all the tools you need to ensure that your most critical marketing messages are delivered on time, every time.
  • Drip Series Greetings: Make a good first impression (and actually get read). With welcome greetings delivered directly to your users’ desktops, you may avoid the long lines of the email inbox. These messages should be spaced out by minutes, hours, or days. Our welcome drips are a terrific method to enhance your CTR and drive customers to your finest deals.
  • Separate Your Messages: Don’t send the same message to everyone on your mailing list. Each subscriber has a different method of accessing your site and services. Geolocation, device, browser, and behavior can all be used to tailor your services.
  • You have complete control over how much or how little you automate. Even if you’re in the middle of your greatest marketing campaign yet, schedule your push alerts as far in advance as you like so you can focus your efforts where it matters the most.
  • Set up automated push notifications depending on specified events, such as an abandoned cart, a product going on sale, or an item returning to stock.
  • Bring Back Lost Visitors — With a conversion rate four times that of email, you won’t have to worry about your communications going to spam or getting lost in their inbox
  • Install the plugin and start delivering notifications on WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, Thinkific, and other platforms
  • Send web push alerts without having to construct a mobile app to advertise specials, sales, new arrivals, and interesting announcements
  • No Bots! – Is your email list full of spam addresses and forged contact information? Get genuine individuals to sign up for your newsletter
  • Bite-Size Messages — Convey what you need to say in a bite-size message that can be consumed fast and effortlessly. There are no long emails or complicated email formatting here
  • Rich Content – Make your push notifications stand out by showcasing your brand and content with bespoke artwork and optional custom action buttons
  • Unlike other forms of client contact, web push notifications are constantly visible, regardless of whether the user is active on your website.
  • Abandoned Cart – Are your consumers simply forgotten, or do they require an extra item to complete their purchase? In either case, the Abandoned Cart features of Subscribers will assist you in recovering those lost sales. You can send a pleasant reminder or even a reward for completing a transaction
  • Announce Inventory Changes – Reward your consumers or potential customers by informing them when the price of a product they like has dropped, or when something they wanted but couldn’t get has resurfaced. The simple Inventory Change capabilities of Subscribers help you automatically attract customers back for future purchases on the precise products they’ve shown interest in
  • Popular Products – Your customers want to know when new products arrive in your business and which ones are the most popular. You can keep clients coming back to purchase the latest and best things you have to offer using the tool’ Trending Products features
  • Daily Statistic
  • All of your data is consolidated in one easy-to-understand spot with simple, digestible graphs
  • Using personalized tracking links, you can see just how much traffic and revenue Subscribers are bringing in to your business
  • Compare and contrast each campaign to learn about best practices and winning strategies
  • Effective Segmentation Tool
  • Create subscriber categories based on criteria that make sense for your offering (country, browser, device, etc
  • Target notifications to specific user groups and discover which ones perform well in different segments.
  • Our advanced segment tool will make intelligent recommendations about what measures you may do to improve your performance
  • Users on the Dashboard: Up to 1
  • API Access for advanced customer service 1 Website Push to Chrome, Firefox, and Safar
  • Supported on both desktop and mobile
  • HTTPS and HTTP are both supported
  • Prompt Welcome drip campaigns in CS
  • AMP Sites are being pushed
  • Schedule notifications according to the timezone of the subscriber
  • Pushing RSS Feeds

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