ViewStub is a simple software solution that helps you organize in-person, live streaming, or on-demand events with a built-in video player and seamless checkout. Reach event attendees anywhere with web-based ticketing, promotion, and video streaming platform.

ViewStub is an all-in-one solution for event ticket sales, marketing, and video streaming. As a hybrid event platform, ViewStub can help you collect your in-person registrations while offering a place for you to live stream your next event, expanding your reach to a global scale. Our goal is to help our event partners grow their event and take their experience to the next level!

ViewStub Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • Web-based ticketing and promotion solution for in-person events and video streaming.
  • Free to use until you generate revenue—ViewStub only gets paid when you do.
  • Best for: Event organizers and independent content creators looking for an easy way to set up events through any medium.
  • An alternative to Eventbrite
  • Choose from the free, donation, paid, or subscription access for all your events to fit your business model.
  • Stream simultaneous live videos.
  • Engage with the audience through the interactive live chat feature.
  • Customize your ticket options for all your events and choose from free, paid, donation, or subscription!
  • The full white-label solution lets you feature your event details and sell tickets on your existing website.
  • Use the white-label solution for signups on your website that keep your brand at the front.
  • Offer different ticket options with promo codes, sales discounts, and packaged bundles.
  • Provide affiliate links (both public and private.
  • Create affiliate links to see traffic sources or share with your influencers, and track everything in one dashboard.
  • ViewStub operates on a “Pay-Per-View” model, so they don’t get paid until you do.
  • Subscribers or viewers before you get paid from third-party advertisers.


  • ViewStub partners with you to get paid instantly.
  • Livestream virtual events straight from the built-in ViewStub video player.
  • Unlimited promo codes
  • Full white-labelled ticketing & streaming


  • Unlimited number of events


  • Affiliate links


  • QR code scanning tool


  • Facebook pixel tracking


  • Full event analytics & customer data


  • Export sales & customer data


  • Advance payouts


  • In-browser encoding
  • Very generous free tickets offer. 1 code for 2500 attendees.
  •  The team is humble and very nice to work with although they are now overwhelmed.
  • Better than Eventbrite because of the white label and video delivery inside the event and integration with webinar systems
  • Member area for delivering content such as recorded videos and webinars can be on your site.
  • Integrates with zoom for LIVE delivery
  • $1.00 In-person ticket revenue share (after attendee limit reached)


  • 50 Free in-person tickets/attendees per event


  • 10% Revenue share percentage on paid video/online tickets sold


  • 2,500 Free video/online attendees per event


  • 8 hours – Streaming hours per free access stream/event

Some road map items launching soon are: 

– In-browser encoding (go live straight from our site)
– Multi-host for streams
– API to connect your CRM, Event Management & your own email system like MailChimp
– Multi-account to have multiple users for one account
– Language translation
– Keep up with us on social media for more!

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