Neiro AI is a video marketing platform that allows you to make customized videos with no production costs. Create your video in landscape or portrait format to fit the target platform.

You can upload an image to use as a background or create one with a simple AI question. With advanced text-to-speech technology, your AI avatar can communicate in any language and interact with audiences all around the world.

Neiro AI Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Enter your video script in the text field, and the AI presenter will read it.
  • Choose the emotion and intensity of your AI presenter’s delivery, which might range from happy to angry to afraid.
  • Choose from over 100 voices to find the best fit for your brand and creative vision.
  • It comes with an AI writing assistant that can create the ideal script for your video.
  • Create scripts up to 7,500 characters long, ideal for a maximum 10-minute video.
  • Just enter a topic or title, then describe your audience to build a script.
  • Automate your video creation workflow with plugins for programs such as Canva and Adobe Express.
  • Create audio voiceovers for your projects using distinct Text-to-Speech technology.
  • Download your movies to upload in sales emails, or distribute them via URL on any social media network.
  • It enables you to create compelling videos and advertising with realistic AI avatars, allowing you to expand your video marketing without concern.
  • Transform text into engaging videos in 140+ languages. Choose one of our AI avatars, personalize the voice, and select emotions.
  • Natural-sounding speech synthesis based on text. Create realistic TTS voiceovers for any business need.
  • Explore avatars that can reflect a variety of emotions, like joy, grief, anger, and more, to add a vibrant dimension to your online presence.
  • Create AI avatars and text-to-speech adverts to talk directly to your target audience, simplifying the marketing process.
neiro ai appsumo price
neiro ai appsumo price
neiro ai regular pricing
neiro ai regular pricing

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