Vidstep is an application designed to share “how to” content in a new and enhanced way. Take your video production skills to the next level. Are you managing a remote team? Do you share content or provide products to others? Do you provide instructions for customers?

Vidstep Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • Embed in your website
  • Adding to a job ticket in your favorite management software
  • Email or schedule a meeting
  • Access via QR code in the field
  • There are amazing tools such as Asana, Trello, Hubspot, and many others for handling jobs, tasks, and customers, but Vidstep now adds the”how” to their technologies
  • Perhaps you want to create your own learning content series for education, training, or process or task support. Vidstep lets you do that without having to use an expensive and clunky LMS
  • It allows you to add products to your videos, so you can sell either the products or services demonstrated, or alternate products or services that relate to the content being viewed.
  • This tool  enables videos to be made that are fast, fun, and user-friendly so that they can be added anywhere and for any purpose.
  • It is  is designed to take a viewer through completing a task as they are doing it
  • Easy to follow step by step videos for any ‘know how’ you need to shar
  • Video applications that support teams and audiences with product info, how-tos and demonstrations
  • Attach or embed Vidsteps through your project management, job management and CRM softwar
  • The best for: Instructional content that supports.
  • This deal is not stackable.
  • 120GB of storage per year.
  • Unlimited Vidstep or time-limit.
  • Step by step instructional videos.
  • Provides real time task instructions.
  • Checklist functionality built into your Vidstep.
  • Play next Vidstep workflow functionality.
  • In video product sales or recommendations.
  • Perfect for remote team support.
  • Ideal for instructions on equipment and products.
  • Link or embed Vidsteps in your task management tickets.
  • QR Code generator for easy on site instructional access.
  • Share privately with team, publicly for audience or social for the world.
  • Create content marketing funnels and product sales.
  • Uploading of complementary materials (PDF, images, documents).
  • Automatic video processing.

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