Adscook is a Facebook and Instagram ad management platform that allows you to create, scale, and analyze campaigns across numerous accounts. Create advertisements with just one click and start optimizing right away by selecting campaign goals like improving conversions, generating leads, or increasing engagement.

You can construct unique audience groups based on a variety of presets such as age, gender, and geography, then save them to use in future ads. This also simplifies data entry by allowing you to copy and paste targeting details from one audience to the next rather than re-entering them manually each time.

Adscook Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • You may upload 50 media assets for each campaign and tweak audience settings to generate 500 unique advertisements that target your pre-saved groups, thanks to powerful ad creation features.
  • Save content to an asset library that you can use when you construct new ads by uploading media from your PC or Google Drive.
  • You can also create new advertising from scratch in a variety of post kinds on Facebook, such as carousels, links, and videos, or tweak existing posts to preserve the social proof.
  • Plus, with a single toggle switch, you’ll be able to enable A/B testing and generate ads with any mix of mutually exclusive versions across demographics and assets.
  • After a campaign goes live, it smart automation monitors posts 24 hours a day, 15 minutes a day, so you can quit scanning Facebook Ads Manager
  • Choose from pre-made rules, which automate activities such as growing top-performing articles and halting those with low conversion rates.
  • Alternatively, use this tool to evaluate campaign effectiveness against existing internal KPIs by creating your own rules based on hundreds of customizable circumstances.
  • You can also build up automated modifications based on dynamic and relative factors that are connected to your business goals, such as boosting ad spend when the cost per order decreases.
  • It also allows you to create a custom rule-checking schedule and integrates with Google Analytics to give your statistics, even more, insight and credibility.
  • It consolidates data from all of your accounts into a single, user-friendly dashboard, allowing you to see cross-campaign results and tailor reporting to your most important KPIs.
  • In case you want to use the data to make modifications that might increase speed, the dashboard also provides analytics on individual ads and allows you to edit assets without leaving the page.
  • You can even build and visualize your own business funnel straight from the dashboard, making it simple to uncover flaws and identify development potential.
  • Boost Facebook ad revenue with 24/7 automated monitoring that modifies campaign activity based on tailored conditions
  • and Revealbot are two alternatives.
  • From a single dashboard, you can create and deploy up to 500 ads across various Facebook accounts, as well as analyze data from all of them.
  • Best for: Marketing and e-commerce professionals looking for a user-friendly ad management platform with a lot of features.
  • Make advertisements
  • Campaign management and monitoring that is automate
  • Create A/B tests.
  • Field presets can be saved.
  • Complete fields can be copied and pasted from one asset to another.
  • Reporting that is both actionable and multi-account

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