Velents is an Automation end-to-end screening technology that evaluates and ranks prospects at every stage of the employment process. With this tool, on-demand video interviews, you can cut your interview and recruitment time in half.

The AI-powered software can evaluate recorded video interviews and narrow down the best applicants for you to hire. You can eliminate unconscious bias and identify the perfect talent for the job because it’s jam-packed with exams and assessments for applicants. It should also be simple to screen IT personnel. For programmers, developers, and engineers, it includes hundreds of pre-made coding examinations.

Velents Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • Even if they don’t have a technological background, non-technical recruiters can design a variety of assessments based on seniority level and job description.
  • The software may rank a candidate’s outcomes based on objective standards after they finish an evaluation.
  • You can also conduct a real-time coding interview with your top prospects to check their programming skills and creative thinking.
  • Inform potential candidates about open positions and engage with them via SMS and WhatsApp.
  • Candidates can also use Whatsapp to respond to queries and send their resumes, thanks to the social media platform’s integration.
  • There’s also no need to deal with Google Forms and Excel Sheets. Instead, you can utilize a user-friendly dashboard to consolidate answers or create a candidate database
  • You may have an in-house psychologist develop tests based on your hiring needs, and it can analyze candidates’ personalities during their interviews
  • Recruiters and HR managers face a number of challenges when it comes to mass hiring, but this tool has you covered.
  • You may pick and select from 1,000+ job descriptions and skills, then post them on job boards in minutes.
  • You can meet dozens of prospects in an hour via video interviews, allowing you to get to know them before in-person interviews.
  • You can quickly evaluate prospects based on objective criteria and make recruiting decisions faster thanks to ranking criteria.
  • Candidates can be contacted via video interviews on demand, SMS, or WhatsApp.
  • HireVue is an alternative to HireVue.
  • To evaluate and rank your prospects, create job-related examinations such as psychometric, skill, or coding evaluations.
  • HR managers, recruiters, talent acquisition managers, and entrepreneurs looking to speed up the hiring process can benefit from this tool.
  • Customized branding and logos
  • Interviews on video and structured interviews
  • WhatsApp is a messaging program that allows you (text to apply)
  • Tests and assessments conducted prior to the interview
  • Builder of interviews
  • 10 coding evaluations every month
  • Assist with sourcing
  • Keeping track of case studies
  • There are almost 1,000 job descriptions available.

Velents Appsumo Price

Velents Price

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