The NeuralText algorithm analyzes SERPs, finds valuable insights, and writes the content for your site, effectively automating the writing process.

NeuralText Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • Find your competitor’s topics, questions, and outlines from every SERP.
  • Make your blog posts and digital marketing campaigns smarter with neural networks that are more advanced than humans.
  • You can build search engine-friendly, high-quality content.
  • The Keyword Research feature lets you see search volume, trends, and competition.
  • That way, you can find unique keywords and phrases for your content that level up your SEO.
  • Using the Cluster feature, you can upload a list of keywords and identify clusters of related terms to use in a single article.
  • A Keyword Ideas Report shows you search volumes, trends, and competitiveness.
  • With this tool Content Brief feature, you can craft content based on SERP data.
  • Not only can you see what your competitors are writing about, but it also presents the complete list of questions your audience is asking.
  • It identifies untapped SEO opportunities by analyzing any SERP.
  • It offers a Content Grader that checks how well your content is working
  • Content Grader analyzes your old content and lets you update it and increase traffic organically.
  • In addition, you get instructions on how to speed up and scale your team’s workflow with the tool’s reusable deliverables.
  • Optimizing your content with Content Grader increases the chances of ranking highly for a search term
  • You can also generate tons of creative ideas by using Smart Copy by clicking a button
  • It offers copywriting resources for every possible scenario, including blog posts, blog ideas, blog outlines, copy ad ideas, copywriting formulas, and many more
  • Its nifty feature can take care of everything for you once all you need to do is explain your product.
  • You can easily create the outline for your blog article
  • You can generate text directly within an editor
  • That means you can write better content faster, using any combination of intelligent copy tools.
  • Long Form is a great way to create a full-length copy you can edit.
  • Your content workflows will run more smoothly, and your SEO will grow
  • So you can publish excellent high-quality content in record time.
  • Unlimited projects


  • Smart copy tools


  • Content optimizer


  • Ideation tools


  • Copy formulas


  • Ad copy tools

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