UUKI is a modern community tool where like-minded members may share material and engage in meaningful discussions. Web3 fans interested in NFTs, cryptocurrencies, educational courses, and products can form communities. Create community pages where you may submit content and start discussions to keep your community organized.

You can also earn money by offering premium content for one-time payments or collecting subscription fees from paying customers. Because the tool is created for Web3, it can interact with cryptocurrency wallets such as Metamask, which is a big plus for cryptocurrency users. The platform allows creators to display NFTs generated on other blockchains, including Etherium and Polygon, and you can even build a community based on NFTs.

UUKI Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • You can also use NFTs to market your art collection and create an online community for loyal fans.
  • To promote your brand, you can white-label community pages by utilizing your brand colors, a custom domain, or integrating directly with your website or product
  • Because not everyone will share the same interests, you can make talks public or private to keep them on track
  • It also has extensive administration and moderation capabilities to keep communities secure from spam, abuse, and detrimental posting.
  • You may also use gamified components like karma, ranks, and leaderboards to recognize top contributors and express your gratitude for their contributions
  • It was built with mobile in mind, you may use your phone, laptop, tablet, or smart TV to access your community
  • It ensures that you may connect with your community and keep the conversation going no matter where you are
  • Create a white-label Web3 community for audiences to interact and discuss topics such as NFTs and cryptocurrency
  • Circle, Mighty Networks, and Facebook Groups are also alternatives
  • Sell content via one-time or recurring payments to monetize your community
  • Web3 creators, brands, and enterprises who want to create online communities where members can connect and collaborate are the best candidates.
  • Members and storage are both unlimited.
  • There are no restrictions on public spaces.
  • Management of events
  • Reporting and moderation
  • Pages dedicated to personal profiles

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