ACE Meetings lets you organize and arrange calls while collecting reward money and online appointment scheduling tool. You may customize your preferences for availability in just a few minutes, including adding call buffers and selecting from a variety of duration options.

Additionally, even if your calendar is open all day, you will be able to mark your preferred meeting times and gently remind guests to meet at those times. Even better, you can sync your Google or Office 365 calendars to avoid making duplicate reservations on various accounts.

ACE Meetings Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • It creates a customized URL that, whether you share it directly or embed it on your website, directs visitors to your booking page.
  • So that guests can express their reasons for meeting and you can join the call prepared, make necessary questions part of the booking page.
  • Additionally, you can alter the descriptions, logos, and colors so that the booking page naturally reflects your brand.
  • Additionally, you can break out distinct use cases like demos, collaborations, sales, and personal calls by creating separate booking sites for those particular meeting themes.
  • With choices for one-on-one calls, round robins, and group sessions, it also enables you to personalize your meeting kinds.
  • Each participant receives an email confirmation with a link to the video conference as soon as the call is scheduled, and the event is automatically added to your synchronized calendars.
  • You may automatically email reminders to everyone who was invited prior to the call to assist decrease no-shows.
  • It is simple to request a new time within the platform if you need to reschedule. There’s no need to use email instead!
  • You’ll be able to manage all of your meeting kinds, upcoming calls, and previous events from a single streamlined interface.
  • The best part is that the only online scheduling service that allows you to accumulate reward coins as you use the system.
  • You can utilize $ACE currencies for in-app benefits and even take part in ACE Ecosystem governance.
  • Additionally, because your account allows for numerous users, you will benefit if a team member completes an action, such as making a call booking or introducing a friend.
  • With dynamic scheduling options, calendar synchronization, and automated email reminders, you can reduce the friction associated with managing meetings online.
  • Calendly,, and Doodle alternatives
  • Simply use this tool every day to earn $ACE coins and redeem them for in-app benefits.
  • Best tool for consultants seeking a hassle-free way to arrange and handle online meetings, small enterprises, and solopreneurs.
  • Observing limitations, buffers, and rule
  • Review the meeting record
  • Custom reservation form
  • Favorite moments
  • Rearrange meetings
  • Notifications via email
  • Custom subdomain
  • Each and every calendar and conference provider
  • Implementing Zapier

ACE Meetings Appsumo Price

Ace meetings price

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