TransferChain is a cloud storage service that uses blockchain, zero-knowledge encryption, and file splitting to protect your data. TransferChain is a cross-platform decentralized utility that combines storage, file transfer, and encrypted messaging into a single interface.

This platform will automatically encrypt each file, split it into many chunks, and distribute it to the most secure storage providers, such as Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure.

TransferChain Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Transactions are never accessible to unauthorized users or servers since all features employ zero-knowledge protocol
  • Before you transmit something to your receiver, TransferChain allows you to create new folders and then upload numerous files to the same folder
  • The automated sync makes it simple to access your files across web browsers and Android, ensuring that you always view the most recent versions
  • The admin panel will also allow you to establish access restrictions for company-wide activity logs and related devices
  • The best part is that collaborators do not require a TransferChain account to read shared files or post their own
  • That means you won’t have to worry about annoying downloads impeding your team’s workflow
  • This platform is entirely GDPR compliant and ISO 27001 certified in all of its activities
  • Furthermore, all of your encrypted data is divided and stored across ultra-secure and certified providers, such as SOC 1/2/3 and ISO 27001
  • TransferChain also allows you to manage users, track storage usage, and check activity logs for each team member
  • This solution is powered by a complicated patent-pending system that allows you to safely upload and download files at lightning-fast speeds
  • Your team leader may manage notifications, modify security settings, and examine their linked devices.
  • TransferChain provides everything you need to swiftly and securely upload, share, transfer, and download files
  • Gain access to a private and secure cloud storage solution for file sharing, requests, and transfers
  • Files can be split and shared with end-to-end encryption between highly secure storage providers with blockchain authorization.
transferchain appsumo price
transferchain appsumo price

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