XEMAILVERIFY is an email verification tool that scans email lists and uses a range of checks to confirm emails for better marketing results. This tool helps you to scan and clean up your email lists using verification technologies, allowing you to improve email metrics like click-through rate and ROI significantly.

Companies will be able to scan email lists for incorrect emails using a variety of validation check methods. You’ll improve deliverability rates while also protecting your server’s reputation by confirming addresses without sending a single email. This tool uses a programmed algorithm to read email addresses and process email IDs, performing several checks at varying levels of protection to ensure deliverability.

XEmailVerify Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • The app gives you 100 free credit points for signing up and allows you to get verified ID results for email lists once you’ve completed the verification process.
  • You’ll be able to examine the insights of the valid emails, invalid emails, and catch-all emails after they’ve been verified.
  • Email lists can be saved in a variety of forms, but this bulk email verification reads data in CSV, XLS, and TXT formats.
  • Before the results are displayed, you can check emails on two levels. While delivering domain and MX record data, the tool identifies incorrect emails.
  • It is designed with a built-in blacklist monitor as well as a syntax error validator to check for unfamiliar email formats.
  • It is simple to integrate into both on-premise and third-party cloud platforms.
  • For easy sharing across your workflow’s existing platforms, the app integrates with Mailchimp, SendGrid, Zapier, and Google Sheets.
  • Before transferring lists to third-party email solutions, you’ll be able to speed up your email validation using tools that remove duplicate emails and invalid addresses.
  • Using real-time email validation, scan email lists for legitimate addresses and filter out incorrect ones.
  • NeverBounce and ZeroBounce are alternatives.
  • API connection with existing workflow tools, 24/7 support, and high deliverability rates are all available.
  • Best for Email marketers seeking a simple approach to scan and validate email addresses and IDs.
  • Verification via email only
  • Email verification in bulk
  • API for real-time email validation
  • Monitor the blacklist
  • Validator for syntax errors
  • Duplicate email remover
  • Checker with a lot of bounce
  • Zapier, SendGrid, and Mailchimp are examples of tool integrations.

XEmailVerify Appsumo Price

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