Traek can assist you with tracking your website visitors so that you can learn more about the companies that are visiting your site. This tool lets you generate up to 4x more leads, determining the lead’s score, and closing them, you can turn those visits into hot leads.

The powerful lead discovery and tracking system can help you generate 4x more lead by automatically converting your website visitor into a hot lead.

Traek Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Get daily lead flow based on your visitor size using an easy-to-use, extremely accurate lead matching technique.
    SMBs, Enterprises, and any website with at least 500 monthly visitors should use this service.
  • Learn everything you can about the organizations who visited your site, including their social media handles, information on their page visits, and, most importantly, the technology they’re employing.
  • Make contact with companies that have a strong desire to buy.
  • Create your filters and decide what constitutes a good lead for your company.
  • Keep an eye on your priority leads and make sure you don’t miss them when they come to your site.
  • Bots and spam visitors are automatically removed, leaving you with only qualified leads to pay for.
  • Get the exact amount of overall leads and average daily leads for a specific time period from your website. A straightforward metric to measure the success of your marketing activities!
  • Analyze the demographics and traffic sources of your leads to better understand who they are.
  • Learn where users are coming from and what content they are reading the most on your website. Use this information to create more relevant marketing efforts for your target audience.
  • Use real-time chat to keep track of your website’s current visitors and learn which pages they’re looking at and what services they’re looking for.
  • You will be notified right away. You’ll have more possibilities to upsell this way. There will be no losses if there are no delays!
  • Alternatives to Leadfeeder, Happierleads, Albacross, Visitorqueue, Lusha, and ZoomInfo are Leadfeeder, Happierleads, Albacross, Visitorqueue, Lusha, and ZoomInfo.
  • Create custom feeds to receive timely updates when a lead from your industry or company arrives on your site. Keep track of their activities and strike up a conversation right away!
  • Look through your chat history to pick up where you left off and keep track of future conversations.

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