AlertBits is a website monitoring tool that detects and notifies you of any changes via email, Slack, Discord, and Telegram. It includes tags for filtering and grouping pages, bulk URL import, colour-coded screenshots, and multiple alert settings. Perfect for automating website checks and receiving instant notifications.

You can also see exactly what’s changed with colour-coded and highlighted screenshots, text and code differences, and receive alerts via email, Slack, Discord, or Telegram. Tags can also be used to filter and group pages into folders, as well as to control user access.

Alertbits Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Monitor websites to gather valuable business insight and data and to stay up to date on important information. Specify the URL, check frequency, and choose to monitor a specific area (or the entire page) for visual changes.
  • You can set the minimum change trigger, storage, browser width, actions, cookies, user-agent, location, and timing, among other things.
  • It assists you in resolving this issue by automatically monitoring and crawling any website for changes. When any changes are detected, it will notify you.
  • It assists you in eliminating manual site checks and ensures that you are always up to date on website changes.
  • It can automatically check a website on a regular basis and notify you if any changes are detected. Its crawlers can search a website for all links and pages and track them for you.
  • To monitor, simply click and select a specific HTML element on a page (or track the entire page). The screenshot, text content, and source code of the element are all monitored, and changes are highlighted.
  • You can add one or more words and be notified when one or more of them are found or removed from the page. The screenshot highlights keywords.
  • Tags can be used to filter and group pages into folders, as well as to control user access. Import URLs from sitemaps in bulk, add/edit pages in bulk and search/sort/filter for easy organisation.
  • Visualping, Hexowatch, Hexomatic, and Stillio are examples of similar applications.
  • Intuitive UI and UX, simple platform, and high stability
  • Ideal for solopreneurs, freelancers, small businesses, marketing and sales teams, and agencies.
Alertbits Regular Pricing
Alertbits Regular Pricing
Alertbits Pitchground Price
Alertbits Pitchground Price

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