ThreatCop is a cyber-attack simulator and security awareness training tool that assesses a company’s real-time attack posture based on its members.

ThreatCop Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • Analyze the real-time cybersecurity risk posture of your organization and employees’ vulnerability levels.
  • Knowbe4 is an alternative tool.
  • Employees can be targeted with customized dummy phishing campaigns
  • Best for Small to large businesses and security professionals looking to reduce cyber threats by training their team
  • ThreatCop helps you spot phishing schemes before they cause problems.
  • To ensure that your team doesn’t fall victim to bogus offers or emails, you can now launch dummy phishing attacks.
  • To ensure your employees are up to snuff in an array of phishing scenarios, you can use ThreatCop’s range of simulation campaigns, both custom and pre-defined.
  • Make sure employees are prepared for attacks by running phishing simulations.
  • ThreatCop teaches you more than just the hard way, either.
  • You’ll receive a debrief section composed of awareness modules after a dummy attack is completed.
  • Over 2,000 pieces of content are available in the ThreatCop library, which includes detailed information on how to resist cyber-attacks.
  • Videos, advisories, and newsletters are available based on the vulnerability score.
  • Ready-made campaign templates allow you to create dummy cyber-attacks!
  • Employees will also be able to pinpoint where more work needs to be done with them.
  • Each employee receives a vulnerability score after the simulated campaign, so you can find any weak links and work to strengthen them.
  • Additionally, the hack record shows the history of all dummy attacks made against each employee, enabling you to pinpoint problem areas more precisely.
  • Check employee vulnerability scores to see how resilient your team is to attacks!
  • You can boost your team’s attack response from an individual level, giving you and your organization more confidence to fight off threats.
  • In addition, campaign analytics will provide you with an in-depth view of your attack readiness along with simple graphs to tell you how well you’ve progressed over time.
  • Cybersecurity is never a mystery with ThreatCop. It helps make your company’s defenses stronger, so you can make your employees’ protection even stronger.
  • It’s pretty easy to figure out if your organization is prepared for an attack when you get threat reports.
  • Once you have experienced your first security incident, it can be difficult to stop them in the future. All employees can be trained and educated in the top six cyber attacks.
  • You can stack up to 5 codes.
  • Dummy replication of latest attacks.
  • Hack record of employees.
  • Geolocation tag.
  • Create/import/customize email templates.
  • Create/import/customize attacker profile.
  • Create/import/customize user groups.
  • Email support.
  • Comprehensive reporting.
  • Export features.
  • Real-time dashboard.
  • Campaign analytics.
  • Industry benchmarking.
  • Predesigned templates.
  • Predesigned landing pages.
  • Campaign breach time.
  • Country-wise click rate.
  • Phish risk rate.
  • Top offenders.
  • Simulation risk analytics.

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