TrueRanker is a robust keyword rank tracker that makes monitoring, improving, and localizing your SEO plan a breeze.  You may watch domains, subdomains, particular URLs, folders, and even Google Chrome Extensions to keep an eye on the metrics that matter the most.

It is multi-platform, so you can keep track of all your projects and improve your SEO approach from anywhere. You can keep track of your project data, use this tool on your android device or integrate it with WordPress. You’ll be able to relax knowing you’re on top of your plan, and your websites’ performance won’t be hampered by script loading.

TrueRanker Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • You can be confident that URLs aren’t competing for the same term and affecting your SEO thanks to the cannibalization detector.
  • It also provides thorough feedback, allowing you to make adjustments to your ranks, positioning, and overall SEO approach.
  • It helps you maintain track of your keyword rankings so you don’t miss out on any organic traffic.
  • You may locate and track the most relevant keyword opportunities throughout the world on a daily basis by feeding in Google Search Console data.
  • You’ll be able to check how your Google terms rank in the country, province, or city of your choice with data from over 50,000 places at your fingertips.
  • You may also use custom filters to track the evolution of your keyword rankings over time in order to spot growth anomalies and possibilities.
  • Not only will you get a complete picture of your projects’ keyword rankings, but you’ll also be able to share dynamic SEO data with clients and colleagues in real-time
  • It allows you to send automated emails to as many people as you desire.
  • You’ll also receive automated email alerts when your keyword positions change.
  • There are no codes or stacking required; simply select the option that best suits your needs.
  • Every day, an automatic update is performed.
  • There is no limit to your rank history.
  • Web and app access
  • Information on the competition
  • Plugin for WordPress
  • Keyword research for the domain
  • Detector of cannibalism
  • Data from Google searches
  • SEO tracking with Google Chrome extensions

TrueRanker Appsumo Price

TrueRanker Price

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