• Analyzing data of your past campaigns is one of the most crucial steps for figuring out what key data points made your old campaigns a failure & better yet finding what made your campaign thrive.
  • Using your new-found data you can also create a brand new campaign by avoiding harmful targeting and also focusing on what works for you. Better find new audiences that give you even more for less.
  • Decide whether the campaign is worth making a run or the drive.if it’s giving you the worth of spending money on
  • Manually creating, reporting, & analyzing all your data can take hours of your time when done right.
  • It can be devastating to your end goal if you look at the wrong metrics.
  • It takes a while to get used to the flow and what data points to focus on.
  • Reckless a/b testing can be worthless for your budget and give you false results.
  • 50+ active ads within a campaign will require your constant attention to avoid wasting your budget.
  • Improper budget optimization can also increase your cost per result drastically.

The 4 tools that help you further

  • Analysis Tool.
  • Creation Tool.
  • Optimization Tool.
  • The Report Tool.
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