Integrately is an automation software that comes with ready to click automation! You can get started quickly by choosing an existing automation or create your own from scratch easily.

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Follow these steps to get Integrately free for lifetime

  • Go to this link and sign up, you will get 500 tasks free per month.
  • Go to the Subscription page link which will find under your profile icon on the top ride side
  • You will find a special referral link.Share it with your friends and every referral will get 500 tasks and will give you 500 tasks for free.The total limit is 6000 tasks.

Integrately free tasks for lifetime
Integrately is launched by the same team that brought CompanyHub, and is similar to Zapier, however its still in beta and has far fewer integrations. And to quote them

“We will be adding 50-100 integrations every month”

The pricing could be a little confusing and you might be mistaken by that you are getting 100,000 tasks per month with the LTD reseller plan. However in actuality you are get 34,000 tasks that can be done between two or more apps (like transferring a new piece of data, creating a new record) while the other 66000 are called as ‘operations’ (like branching and formating) and they are ‘tasks’ that are done on the Integrately server.

Similarly all plans have a set number of tasks that can be automated between two different apps and a set number of operations/tasks that are carried on the Integrately server. If you are considering which plan you need, then check the tasks consumed in your zapier account and compare it to the tasks that you can automate between two apps.

Integrately lifetime deal pricing


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