With Stacks, you can choose and create your app’s design, launch it on Google Play and the App Store in a matter of minutes, and begin making income without spending a dime.
You may create an infinite number of pages and connect them, giving your app a certain flow and feel.

A mobile app for e-commerce that enables you to sell your goods to customers directly. A content locking and unlocking app for e-learning that you may use if you have courses or content you want to share with your audience. This tool has the ability to create the required design, easily drag the appropriate block (video, image, or text), and place it in the desired location.

Stacks Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • By dividing each section into two columns or altering the size of the columns, you may add an unlimited number of sections and establish the required visual hierarchy.
  • To improve the appeal and usability of the design, you can add a backdrop picture, colour, or video to a section.
  • The design and guidelines of the most recent platform are adhered to by this app. This increases the user’s sense of comfort and familiarity with the app, which can enhance engagement and retention.
  • Our staff worked long hours to save you many hours that you could have invested in your business. All certificates required to submit an app to the App Store and Google Play are generated automatically. When you’re finished designing, select the iOS or Android device you’re generating for, and then click Generate. Your application will be available for download in a few minutes.
  • One of the best marketing techniques for connecting with your customers is push notifications.
  • They are quick, effective, and best of all, cost nothing! Push notifications let you provide tailored offers, deals, and messages based on the time, place, and interests of your customers.
  • Keep your audience informed with news about your company, useful tips, and other content that encourages conversions and increases engagement
  • If your customers have signed up for emails, you can track every page they visit and every action they do. If not, you can track them by ID
  • Additionally, you can follow their purchases and purchasing patterns using our orders analytics function, enabling you to make data-driven decisions that will increase customer satisfaction and revenue
  • It’s really simple to use and connected with AdMob. a fantastic technique to make more money
  • With our library of free themes, you can quickly create a gorgeous app. Select the one that best reflects your goals, then observe as your app takes shape.
  • We have complete WordPress and WooCommerce integration.
  • By including our plugin, the program will sync all of your items, categories, posts, users, and orders automatically, and it can be handled from the WP Dashboard
  • This app seamlessly integrates with all of the WooCommerce-integrated payment gateways
  • Use buttons and graphics to connect pages for your users to have a smooth app experience. You may easily create internal links within your app or external links to other websites to provide your clients with more useful materials.
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Stacks Dealmirror Price
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