KudosLink is a tool for recognising and commemorating memorable occasions, such as birthdays, the birth of a child, weddings, promotions, anniversaries, farewells, #GetWellSoon, or being selected as Hero of the Month.

KudosLink gives you the ability to set up a Digital Group Board, on which you and your friends or coworkers may post pictures and videos to commemorate important milestones. It is a straightforward link that allows you to save individualised text, memes, gifs, and video clips.For the aforementioned applications, the digital gifting platform known as KudosLink Lifetime Deal includes a wall organised in a kanban fashion that can display gifs, memes, photographs, videos, or messages.

KudosLink Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • It is also possible to utilise it as a B2C individual product for use in private and personal use cases, in addition to its use as a B2B product for HR managers and colleagues
  • It results in cost savings for the HR department, which no longer needs to buy actual presents for employees.
  • When workers believe they are contributing to the success of the company, they are more likely to remain employed there.
  • The emotional value of receiving this personalised virtual present is significantly higher than the value of receiving chocolate and wine
  • Happiness, a sense of belonging, engagement, and productivity all increase when there is a culture of acknowledgement
  • Everyone who wants to can post without having to register an account first. Oh, and taking the time to read this bubble takes longer than it does to create a KudosLink.
  • Use the code “DM50” to receive a discount of half off (a DealMirror exclusive offer).
Kudoslink Dealmirror price
Kudoslink Dealmirror price

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