All businesses, managers, and team leaders share a common struggle: getting their staff to do the right thing at the right time.
Effective onboarding, SOPs, wikis, training manuals, expense report filing instructions, all of these play a role in training your staff. The current methods are a mess—scattered between Google Docs, file cabinets, slideshows, emails, and post-its. What if everyone knew what to do and when, and how to do it, and got it done right because they had access to training when they needed it? Siminars are quick, effective online courses that can be easily shared, and they are easy to create. Siminars’ intuitive yet powerful course builder removes the complexity of course creation. Upload PDFs, PPTs, Videos, Screencasts, Voice Overs – anything you want, even quizzes to check understanding. Move things around in the right order and voila, your online course is ready.

Siminars Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

The most intuitive and friendly platform for course design and management

Unlimited use with support for any type of content

Turn everything into effective learning: onboarding, training, manuals, wiki, SOPs

Best for: Teams and organizations as well as individual course creators.

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