FeedHive is an all-in-one social media management solution that helps you increase interaction with AI-generated post templates and customized scheduling plans.

It uses artificial intelligence to evaluate the most popular posts across social media platforms, giving you access to over 500 post templates to help you get your creative juices flowing when you’re stuck. Start with AI-generated material and then add your own photographs, video, and text to create rich content posts that you can share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

FeedHive Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • Custom color-coded labels based on themes, trends, and issues related to your company can help you keep track of your articles.
  • Then, thanks to a periodic posting plan directed by your categories, this tool will automatically fill your content schedule.
  • The program also proposes the best of your previous posts for you to recycle, allowing you to maximize your productivity while resurfacing evergreen content that has already been proved to interest your followers.
  • It helps you turn followers into customers once you’ve written and scheduled your posts.
  • Setting parameters for follow-up articles when your content reaches a certain engagement threshold can help you capitalize on a high-performing piece.
  • Even if an engagement spike occurs in the middle of the night, you’ll wake up to purchases!
  • You may track each post-performance and share bigger data to help you plan your approach using an analytics dashboard.
  • Keep track of your followers’ engagement levels and activity patterns so you can figure out when the optimum times are to post for maximum exposure.
  • You’ll also have access to key post-by-post metrics, such as likes, retweets, impressions, and engagement rates.
  • There are no codes or stacking required; simply pick the option that best suits your needs.
  • Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook are all great places to share your work.
  • Schedule as many postings as you want.
  • Posting plans with no limit
  • Labels can be made to order in any quantity.
  • Post templates are limitless.
  • 500+ templates
  • Analytics
  • Add pictures and videos to your postings
  • Syncing accounts
  • Share unique links in your posts
  • All of the above functionalities are available.
  • 25 profiles on social media (total across all platforms)
  • 10 different work areas

FeedHive Appsumo Price

FeedHive Price

FeedHive price

FeedHive Price

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