Get more information about your audience and how they’ve engaged with your content. Attaching documents to emails can be risky if you do not have control over them afterward. Don’t worry about sending your client the documents you have already submitted if you need to edit them. Need to know which slides have been read and for how long?

ShareDocView Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Collecting emails from new visitors for further outreach
  • A Google or LinkedIn account is all that you need to sign up and it works with PDF, Word, and PowerPoint documents.
  • Get analytics and be notified when someone looked at your documents with an option to collect email leads using ShareDocView.
  • Brand your documents with your company logo and watermark.
  • ShareDocView allows you to update a document from the Cloud even after sharing a link. You can also remove access to a document by deleting the link.
  • You don’t have to wait to add large email attachments any longer. Simply upload files or share links, just like YouTube videos.
  • Send your latest documents – You can now send your latest documents without worrying about their originality.
  • Access ShareDocView from any device – No need to download or install the software. Access ShareDocView from any device by opening up your browser.
  • Track how long a particular document has been viewed, and you can follow up with your leads knowing if that document has been viewed or not.
  • Team Organization – Shareable team files should be kept organized in a single location for easy access. Information about which documents can be shared is readily accessible with regard to the team.
  • Access Control – Generate a request access for any public doc you want. Removing the access control will make it public view.
  • A branding option allows you to add your logo and company branding.
  • 100 Documents.
  • 10 GB Storage.
  • 500 MB File Size.
  • Get Notifications for Downloads.
  • Verify Visitor’s Emails.
  • Configurable Watermark.
  • Non-Stackable Plan.

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