A couple of hours ago, I received an email from Pitchground about the early bird offer ending soon.

On DealMango, I am using Shortpixel for image optimization and BunnyCDN with WP Rocket.

When I checked on Imghaste’s speed test tool, it showed that it could reduce 60% image size for my website. That is huge So I decided to test this out, signed up for the free plan, disabled my BunnyCDN plugin and cleared my cache. Then I installed and activated the Imghaste plugin.

The integration is surprisingly easy, all we need to do is copy paste the url that Imghaste gives. I used the default settings.

I checked my speed again on Pingdom and Imghaste. Pingdom showed a reduction in 500kb and an increase in speed by 1 second.

If I check now again, Imghaste still shows that I can reduce the size by 6o%. I thought that they would recognise that I am using Imghaste and show some quirky quotes. Now it makes me wonder if they are just showing that they can decrease the page size for every website you input by just reducing it to around 60%.

Anyway the tool works and and the speed optimization is good.

The free plan is good enough for a simple website or a blog. The ltd is worth it considering, we get image optimization and CDN for unlimited websites, only limited by 15000 monthly credits.

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