Scalenut is a SaaS platform that helps businesses discover and create the most relevant content. It uses AI and deep learning to produce the best content. This tool enables you to produce content that serves your business goals in a scalable and straightforward manner. You will get detailed content reporting.

You can write blogs, product descriptions, ads, email headers, blog intros, and much more with the click of a button. AI tool allows the creation of long-form content quickly. You can boost SEO, close more deals, and build authority with it. SEO Assistant gives you real-time feedback on the quality of your content as you’re writing it. It displays the NLP terms you have included as well as the readability and word count.

Learn more about SEO Assistant:

  • SEO Assistant lets you can create long-form content that your readers and search engines will appreciate. The tool provides you with actionable insights and real-time tracking of all SEO parameters, covering ranking factors
  • It lets you see how well-ranked blogs are rated, check how well written, how many H-tags they use, and how many images they have.
  • You can identify the keywords that your competition is ranking for and how often they use those terms.
  • Find out what people are looking for from Quora, Reddit questions. You can also receive AI-driven questions, related questions, and themes.
  • With the inbuilt editor, you can assign grades to articles in real-time and monitor target keywords and competitive intelligence
  • You can automate content creation with Write with AI, AI Connectors, AI Operators, and templates
  • Plan the content according to AI and NLP, including the competition, top customer questions, backlink data, keyword frequency, and imagery and video.
  • Find out what needs to be improved at the time of writing
  • It offers real-time information such as keywords, content readability scores, word count, and plagiarism.
  • Get an accurate quality score of your website that correlates highly with search engine rankings in real-time. Boost your rankings by boosting your quality score.

Learn more about AI Copywriting:

  • Let  AI Copywriter know what you need. With this tool, you can generate powerful content for your website, blog, social media posts, and more.
  • Your content will always be unique. It is incredible and powerful and works in seconds.
  • It’s easy to generate ideas with just a click.
  • Include different tones of voice in your writing to use new words and sentence structures.
  • Your best ideas can be copied to the clipboard for use in the editor of your choice. WordPress and Shopify, too, are being integrated.

What’s the Benefit of using Scalenut?

  • Plan your content based on facts rather than speculation.
  • With just a single term, you will receive detailed reports chock-full of helpful information.
  • SEO Assistant helps you with content planning when it considers important terms, h tags, readability, and intent. Create winning content and copy with artificial intelligence
  • With AI Copywriter, you can generate new and limitless content ideas at the click of a button
  • With the SEO Assistant’s intelligent editor, you will always create winning content, from keyword density to keyword questions and h tags.

Scalenut Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • 1 User Seat (Coming Soon)
  • 15 Document Credits/Reports /month
  • 25k Short Form AI Words/month
  • 10k Long Form AI Words/month
  • SEO Assistant
  • Write With AI Copywriter
  • Collaboration Features
  • Powerful AI Technology
  • NLP Algorithm
  • Content Editor
  • Copywriting TemplatesScalenut Price

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