RTILA can assist you in automating your outreach and conversion channels, as well as running all validation processes in the background to produce neat and actionable data sets. With this tool, you can convert data into valuable time savings, giving our automation a monetary value. Deploy sales and marketing automation, track results, and tweak automation processes until you achieve your maximum conversion potential.

You can simply point and click on the data fields you wish to select, then follow the guidance and filter options provided by our selector panel. Sort your data into DataSets before using the automation panel to extract the desired data. Connect the results of one bot or automation as an input for another automation flow that will enrich, correct, and standardise your data. The end result is a high-quality data table that can be fed into an automated marketing funnel.

RTILA Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • By automating lead generation, outreach, and order fulfilment, the tool can help you launch and grow almost any business.
  • Automations can collect hundreds of thousands of data sets for you in a single run of hundreds of hours.
  • Your automations can also be compiled into Standalone Bots (your own software) and run on your computer.
  • A collection of tools and functionalities that enable you to do whatever you want with any data you want
  • Cards are the next step in the evolution of bots because they can be seamlessly and securely integrated into other automation flows.
  • Automate and collaborate while protecting your credentials. The Vault safeguards your sensitive data.
  • In record time, select and extract data from the most complex sources.
  • On the fly, format, enrich, complement, and correct extracted data.
  • Give your data a business purpose and a monetary value.
RTILA REgular PRice
RTILA REgular PRice
RTILA Appsumo Price
RTILA Appsumo Price

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