React Bricks enables developers to construct a visual site builder that content editors may use without writing any code. Your developers can create a point-and-click editing interface tool that enables content creators to edit pages without writing any code.

You can create a site that adheres to the distinct design system of your business by working straight with graphic content blocks. With just a few clicks, you can quickly upload photos and adjust their characteristics, including the text color and layout, using a side control menu that your development team may tailor to meet your demands.

React Bricks Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Simply design each visual content editing block as a React component to quickly launch your website.
  • You don’t have to waste time switching between your code and your headless CMS because everything happens immediately
  • This platform also supports Gatsby, Next.js, and Remix, allowing your development team to continue using the React framework they already have
  • The best part is that this tool works with any site server and supports any CSS framework
  • Additionally, it comes with adaptable, enterprise-level capabilities that make work easier for your marketing team and developers
  • You don’t need to fiddle with any external services because our platform optimizes photos for responsive view after upload and serves them from a worldwide CDN
  • With built-in support for different languages, you can easily translate pages and connect with users everywhere
  • To ensure that pages go live without a hitch, you can deploy build hooks and automate a publication schedule. Even better, it’s hassle-free to back up or restore pages
  • To keep your process structured, you may also change permissions and invite users from different teams
  • The use of this tool is likewise very simple. An interactive, gamified lesson will teach you how to make the most of this platform while keeping you focused
  • You’ll understand everything in a matter of hours with a step-by-step examination of each feature
  • And if you require assistance later, you can quickly access video tutorials and the complete platform documentation to assist you in resolving any problems
  • Use a visual CMS built on React components to create an enterprise-quality website
  • Alternatives to Tina, Builder, and Storybook
  • Give your content team a no-code editing interface by integrating with developer-friendly tools like Next.js, Gatsby, and Remix
  • Best for New businesses and organizations with React expertise who require a seamless CMS for developers and content editors
  • Apps: 1 per license, the total number
  • Graphical editing
  • Planned publication
  • Manufacturing construct hook
  • Staging construct hook
  • Image enhancement
  • World CDN
  • Database
  • Strong CLI
  • Beginner projects
  • Bricks UI for React
  • Snippets for VSCode extension
  • Great documents, tutorials
  • Includes 4 locals/languages

React Bricks Price

React Bricks Appsumo Price

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