Publicfast gets the most out of influencer marketing, with the right influencers! Publicfast is transforming the process into a simple, 5-minute activity!

Multi-stage filtering: Find the right influencer on your niche who can assist take your emblem to your goal audience. It is as easy as looking on Google applying a couple of filters

Predictive Metrics: Determine the precise outcome of your marketing campaign with forecast results. Explore the cost for X range of impressions, CPM, CPC, etc. & alter your marketing campaign to maximize your ROI

Set your Budget: You aren’t losing an arm & leg to hire an influencer. With Publicfast, you could start strolling the campaigns for the finances as little as $5

Know your Influencers: You can see the designated analytics of any influencer, which incorporates but now not constrained to their target reach, demographics of their followers, age, languages etc.

Verified Influencers: All the influencers registered on Publicfast are reviewed & rated through the system learning algorithm

Detailed Analytics: When your marketing campaign starts running, you’ll be seeing the designated performance analytics. You can tweak your campaigns to help reap your brand desires via your influencers.

Publicfast Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • Measure the performance of Influencer Marketing.
  • Access to 4M+ database of Influencers.
  • Track the results of your Promotional Campaigns.
  • Best suited for Digital Agencies, Ecommerce & Brands.
  • Choose the platform that’s best suited for your industry (FB, YouTube, Instagram, etc.)
  • Search for the influencers by keyword, country & the number of followers they have.
  • Pick the right influencers, and export them to your list.

Deal Highlights: 

  • 4 Mn influencers Database
  • 3.5 Mn Instagram Influencers
  • Unlimited Searches
  • 2 Mn Business emails
  • 1 code = 300 emails/month
  • 2 codes = 700 emails/month
  • 3 codes = 1,200 emails/month
  • 4 codes = 1,600 emails/month
  • 5 codes = 2,000 emails/month
  • Future DB updates & integrations are included

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