Safemailer is a lightweight email automation application that may help organizations improve their email reply rate and conversions through the use of effective cold email campaigns. It will only take you three clicks to acquire responses from your leads when you send out your next cold email campaign.

You can choose an email template to use, decide on a mailing list, and get your campaign up and running. Put aside several hours each day in order to interact with the people who react and convert them. Put an end to such spam landing campaign websites. Your outgoing email rate has been improved so that messages are received successfully in your inbox.

SafeMailer Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • You can also plan your campaign by day and time, which will ensure that your audience will always see the most recent version of your emails at the top of their inboxes
  • There is no need to be concerned about confusing the different time zones. Determine the time zone of your target audience so that your campaigns can reach them during the times of day when they are most engaged
  • Your potential customers are more likely to open your emails on Monday morning than they are on Friday evening, Monday is the best day to send them
  • Sending your messages to only the people who are most likely to be interested in them utilizing unlimited email lists is one way to increase the number of leads that open your emails
  • You just need to click one button to grab directly from your Google Sheets or simply upload your segmented email list
  • In addition, testing your email subject lines using A/B splits will assist increase the number of times your emails are opened
  • Through the use of personalizations, you may encourage your leads to not only view your email but also to click on the links it contains or to respond to it
  • Use the person’s first name when addressing them. Inquire with them about their occupation or their hometown. You can automatically personalize a large number of emails using the help of custom templates
  • In addition, you have the ability to design an endless number of email templates for your campaigns, ensuring that all of your interactions are kind and engaging
  • Real-time campaign metrics, which include open rate and reply rate, make it simple to determine which of your messages generate the greatest interest from recipients
  • Utilize data visualization to gain deeper insights that can assist you in making decisions supported by data more quickly
  • Beginning achieving high engagement and conversion rates across the board with your cold email messages.
safemailer regular pricing
safemailer regular pricing
safemailer saasmantra price
safemailer saasmantra price


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